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SNAPSHOT - Why Singapore Holding Company?

As a holding jurisdiction, Singapore is unmistakably in the premier league. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur chasing your dreams or veteran business owner ready for expansion, Singapore holding company will end up on your drawing board at some point in time.

"To find out if a Singapore Holding company will work for your group structure, you need to identify your objectives. Based on our understanding of our clients, these are some of the reasons why companies choose Singapore"

Favourable domestic tax regime

Companies can benefit from the tax savings on operational income and capital gains, while shareholders do not need to suffer additional taxes on dividends.

  • Singapore is on a territorial-based regime which taxes only locally sourced income, and foreign income which is remitted into Singapore, at a reasonable rate of 17%

  • Generous tax incentives for specific industries and SMEs

  • 0% Capital Gains Tax

  • 0% Dividend Withholding Tax

Extensive Tax Treaty Network for cross-border transactions

Few businesses stay within the borders these days, with over 80 Tax Treaties in its network, Singapore companies enjoy:

  • Reduced withholding taxes with Treaty countries on dividend, interest and royalty income

  • Relief from double taxation

  • Clarity on tax treatment in Treaty countries

Preferred by Investors & Entrepreneurs

Singapore government has made conscious efforts over the years to reduce barriers for foreign investors and companies looking to expand into Asia.

  • Tax exemption on foreign dividends, branch profits and technical services*

  • 0% Dividend withholding tax

  • No capital control

  • Stable government with highly digitised, efficient and transparent regulatory system. (You do receive tax refunds in a reasonable time!)

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