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Capital Raising is a stressful process and utterly painful if you don’t know what you are doing. Time-consuming cold calls, emails and pitches may yield little results, even with the best founding team, amazing financials & extraordinary growth prospect. We help you focus on what matters.

We bring investors with added value to carry your business through to Series A and beyond. 

The KEY to successful Capital Raising is the matching of your founding team with strong investors who can support your growth journey.

C Advisory will be your partner for:


We will perform a pre-Due Diligence on your company, validating the Market Size, Management team, Business model, Traction and Projections, to ensure you are ready for Investment.


You have ONE chance to impress your investors.
We help fine-tune Founders' pitches to allow the True Value of your business comes through in your presentation.

Investors Curation
& Partnership

Knowing and keeping the objectives and expectations of your investors in mind helps you build long-term, collaborative relationships with them. Failing which can be highly detrimental to the business.

For Investors & Funds

Due Diligence Services

Investment Structuring

Fund Set Up / Fund Structuring

Fund Grants and Tax Incentives applications


Investment Calculator

Variable Capital Company (VCC)

5 Questions to ask VCs before investing

For Startups & SMEs

Be Investor-Ready

Fundraise with us

International Tax Risk Assessment

Regional Expansion Structuring


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